Social Enterprise & Sustainable Development

This is a fast-growing area for the Foundation. At MJSF we believe that grants create dependency and to alleviate poverty, the ultimate solution must be projects that are economically productive and sustainable.

Acumen Fund

The Foundation has granted US$1 million to the Acumen Fund. The Acumen Fund is a non-profit global venture capital fund which was founded in 2001 to address the issue of global poverty by investing in companies that bring critical goods and services to the poor. These companies use innovative market based models to deliver Healthcare, Housing, Water and Energy services to low-income markets. Acumen Fund has been investing in Pakistan since 2001 in companies such as:

  • Kashf, a leading microfinance organization based in Punjab province
  • Saiban, a low-income housing development organization with housing communities in Karachi and Lahore
  • Micro Drip, a drip irrigation solution company working with the poorest farmers in the Thar Desert in Sindh Province
  • Jassar Farms, a world-class semen production facility to significantly boost livestock milk productivity based in Lahore

Acumen fund – Pakistan fellows program:

At JS we believe that the path to a better society comes from investing in its leaders. In doing our part to contributing to a better Pakistan, we are the pioneer sponsors of this unique and innovative program. The Acumen fund Pakistan Fellows program is designed to bring together up to 20 leaders at a one year leadership development program for people who are leading at social change initiative from different regions, sectors and socio economic background dedicated to addressing Pakistan’s most critical social problem. The foundation has approved a grant of $500,000 for this initiative.

Kashf Microfinance Bank

The Foundation has invested into Kashf Holdings, the parent company of Kashf Microfinance Bank with co-investors Grameen Foundation, Acumen Fund and Amar Foundation. The Foundation holds a 4.6% stake in Kashf Holdings
Kashf Microfinance Bank is an affiliate of Kashf, Pakistan’s second largest microfinance organization which has over 300,000 women as microfinance borrowers. Kashf operates throughout the Punjab province.

Rs. 100 per day per Family

MJSF aims to provide a source of income at the doorstep of the flood victims to enable them to support their families, whereas the source should be; reliable, sustainable, demand driven, long term focused.
Rs 100 per day per family – a livelihood generation project was launched in 2013; it aims to create livelihood opportunities for 200 flood affected families across three villages in Matiari region of Southern Sindh through the distribution of 30 poultry birds to each family. With an estimated productive yield of 60% supported by technical knowledge workshops; the objective is to let the family hatch eggs and sell them to earn a stable income.